deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: July 1
Day11: Monday
Departure: Salida, CO
Arrival: Silverthorne, CO

Distance:  100-miles
Climate:  Sunny, light rain in Breckenridge.  High 60s.  Headwinds.  CLIMB-CLIMB-CLIMB
Overnight:   Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church of Silverthorne.

100-miles uphill against the wind all day!!  This was a signature deCycles day.  The reward?  Spectacular scenery and another chance to dig down to the shoelaces and discover our power and persistence.  This day was tough and will be talked about for some time.  Immediately pulling out of Salida, the deCycles climbed to 9500-ft to Trout Creek Pass.  The traffic was relentless, but wow, the mountain landscape was unbelievable.  After lunch, we began a 30-mile climb up to Hoosier Pass at 11,539-ft.  The air was thin and cold.  The sense of accomplishment was seen on everyone's faces.  We took a group picture at the Continental Divide sign and had a serious talk about downhill descents.  There were 8-switchback turns on this downhill and we didn't want           anyone going over the guardrail.  What we want to hear from the riders at the bottom is...... "I wish I would have gone faster!"....rather than.... "I wish I would have gone slower.....on the ambulance ride to the ER."  

We arrived in Breckenridge at supper time and the riders were released to get their meal in town.   Shortly thereafter, we escorted out of town and  pedaled 18-miles on the bike path to Silverthorne.  It was one of the best bike trails I've traveled.  The scenery around Lake Dillon was inspiring, especially as the sun began to set.  We arrived at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, a brand-spanking new church in the past 8-months.  We are the first group to stay overnight here, so we're trying our best to keep things neat, clean, and orderly.  Tomorrow is play day in Breckenridge, a world class ski resort in Summit County.