deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: July 11
Day21: Thursday
Departure: Bowman, ND
Arrival: New Leipzig, ND

Distance:  97-miles.  16.4-mph average.
Climate:  Sunny, clear, hot and humid.  Mid-90s.  Oppressive cross-headwind.
Overnight:   New Leipzig Baptist Church

Today was very challenging.  Maybe the toughest day on the trip.  What graced us yesterday with tailwinds during our super-century 135-mile day was today our nemesis.  Bucking a cross head-wind all day can be like wrestling an alligator.  Fortunately it was off to our right coming out of the southeast which is better than coming from the other side of the road.  To make matters worse, it was hot and for the first time on the trip.....humid!  Wow, that kind of heat can stick to you like glue.  

The morning was nice....even a tailwind from the 28 to 48 mile marker.  Then things got ugly (not the terrain).  The wind picked up in our face and the next 50-miles was about digging in and finding some strength and persistence.  The landscape was absolutely beautiful.  Deep green rolling fields of crops and yellow flowers covered vast areas of the North Dakota countryside.  The photos show it all.  We've now pedaled about 200-miles of ND roads and are pleasantly surprised at the beauty surrounding us.  It is much different than NM and CO for sure.  The people here are also very courteous on the road and at our overnight facilities.  The church tonight served us supper and invited the townspeople to come and listen to our stories.  It was a great connection to a wonderful group of people.  They are genuinely interested in our mission.

The roads look great here in North Dakota.  But when you pedal a bicycle on these roads, you feel a blip every 10-ft or so.  Expansion cracks are annoying and feels like the bumps can knock the fillings out of your teeth.  I guess the winters are severe up here and the roads suffer the consequences.  

When we arrived, the church representatives offered a metal water tub.  We've never had that before.  I think there were 12-13 riders in that tub at one time.  It was a perfect refreshment from the hot dry road.   After showers and the evening meal, the deCycles sang for their supper and conducted the talent show immediately afterwards.  

One more day.  Bismarck, ND here we come.