deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: July 2
Day12: Tuesday
Rest Day: Silverthorne, CO

Climate:  Sunny, then clouds and 20-min rain in late afternoon.  Gorgeous day.
Overnight:   Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church

Today was a much welcomed rest day in Summit County.  Yesterday's route was a tough one and today is the reward.  The riders slept in and enjoyed a relaxed morning.  It was nice just to take our time and not have to hurry.  Several groups split up and went several places in the Breckenridge area.  The Gondola was free and most riders went to the local ski slopes to ride the Alpine Slide, to hike the trails, and even have a snow ball fight.  Other riders browsed the shops and some went to a movie.  A movie?  You can see that back home!!!  I guess world class scenery can't compete with a movie.  Opportunity lost in my book.

Those few who are struggling on the road with endurance or health problems are getting extra attention.  Stomach aches and bonking often follow mailed packages of sweets and treats from back home.  If they over-indulge, their performance and their stomachs suffer the next day.  But they do it anyway.  OK, learn the hard way.  When pedaling 100-miles in 8-9 hours, you can't always do what you do back home.  We will continue to nag only those who won't keep up and spare the rest.  

Tomorrow we continue to pedal deep into the heart of the Rocky Mountains as we begin the second half of this adventure of a lifetime.   It's unlikely any student in America is doing something more challenging than this group of 60-some courageous people.  These young people aren't crazy.  They are uncommon!!!