deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: July 3
Day13: Wednesday
Departure: Silverthorne, CO
Arrival: Grand Lake, CO

Distance:  72-miles.  18.2-mph average.
Climate:  The usual....sunny & cool in am.   Warmer, clouds, and 15-min rain in pm.
Overnight:   Stillwater Chapel of Grand Lake.

How do you top the scenery the past 3-days?  Well, it gets even better.  Today was spectacular from Breckenridge to Grand Lake.  Snow peaked mountains surrounded us as we meandered through a winding valley on the way to Granby and Grand Lake.  The surroundings were breathtaking.  The deCycles covered 72-miles with various hills along the way, but it was a fairly easy ride.   It would have been a tough ride 3-months ago.  The human body can transform very quickly over a short period of time if given a chance.  The riders are rested and they zoomed down the road at an average 18.2-mph clip.  The winds were only favorable about midday, then turned to slight headwinds.  But that didn't seem to slow anyone down.  

This is the point in the trip that overlaps and crisscrosses last year's bike trip from San Francisco to Bloomington.  The deCycles have never stayed in the same town or same overnight location in consecutive years.  So tonight we again visit the Stillwater Chapel in Grand Lake.  They are exceptional hosts and their church is a beautiful clean facility deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  This is also the halfway point for several participants this year including Penny Austin and Stephanie Luke.  Both provided valuable road support for the student riders.  Hopping on is Scott Dompke who arrived today as well as veteran rider Jackie Meinders and road support volunteers Vanessa Powell and Kalynn Brower.  

Tonight begins our Secret Pal event......always a crowd pleaser.  Each rider has a secret pal gift presented in front of the entire group.  This is a bonding time....away from the bike and the road.  

This will be a happy prelude to tomorrow's huge climb up Trail Ridge Pass in Rocky Mountain National Park.....the highest paved road in the United States.  This will be a major accomplishment for anyone on this trip.  It's time to conquer a mountain!!