deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: July 7
Day17: Sunday
Departure: Lusk, WY
Arrival: Custer, SD

Distance:  109-miles.  15.9-mph ave.
Climate:  Sunny, hot, no rain all day but wet roads in the early am.
Overnight:   Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

The thunderstorms were powerful last night.  I understand that is the usual pattern around eastern Wyoming.  So we set off on partially wet roads, but the first 40-miles of Sunday morning's ride was GLORIOUS!  It was so pleasant and the terrain so green and rolling.  With a slight tailwind, the riders covered half the distance to Custer very quickly.  This is the third century in a row and the 3-day total will be 350-miles.  WOW, that's a ton of miles in adverse conditions.  The deCycles climbed over 7,000-ft today as we crossed the state border into South Dakota.  It got up  into the 90s and some of the climbs produced a lot of sweat since this area experiences more humidity than NM and CO.  

There are a few riders struggling to keep pace....even after 2-weeks on the trip.  And yet some days they spark up.  They tend to not listen about prevention and preparation. Their difficulties stem from staying up too late, or eating junk or losing focus.   In fact the quote of the day from a slower rider today was....."I don't believe in supplements or vitamins."   OK, we'll let the road teach her otherwise.  The road is the most strict disciplinarian on this bike trip.  Eat right and you'll navigate the road and stay in pace.  Junk in will be junk out.  A word to the wise is sufficient.

Tomorrow will be a well deserved rest day.  We plan to visit Crazy Horse Monument, Mt Rushmore, and Wind Cave NP.  We'll also have some free time in Custer to enjoy the town.  There are four more days to reach our final destination in North Dakota.  We are trying to keep everyone aligned to that goal.  We're almost there.