deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: July 8
Day18: Monday
Rest day: Custer, SD

Climate:  Rain early morning.  Sunny high 80s during day.
Overnight:   Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Rest day in the heart of the Black Hills.  This is well deserved after pedaling 350-miles the past 3-days.  The church we are staying overnight provided supper again tonight.  They have an incredible outreach mentality and are exceptionally helpful and caring.  The deCycles are having fun and enjoying the day off.

We transported all the riders to Crazy Horse Monument near Custer, SD.  There was a powerful message here and the deCycles riders can relate somewhat to the passion of accomplishing something.  This monument continues to be the largest artform on the planet.  It will take another 100-years to complete.  We then transported everyone to Mt. Rushmore, an equally complex artform carved out of the granite in the Black Hills.  We watched documentary movies at both places and toured the museums.  Later in the afternoon, 10-riders continued their rest day adventures by visiting Wind Cave National Park north of Hot Springs, SD.  It is the 6th longest cave in the world and was worth the effort to go there.  

Western South Dakota is a special place and is great to visit on the bike trip.  Tomorrow is a moderate day mileage-wise and after supper we will visit nearby Devil's Tower.  Four more days and 400-miles more of pedaling remains on this trip that splits the country down the middle.