deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: June 18 & 19
Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Van travel from: Bloomington, IN
Arrival: Oklahoma City, OK, then El Paso, TX

deCycles Arrive in Oklahoma

The deCycles road warriors arrived in Oklahoma City about 8:00pm. They ate lunch at a rest stop SW of St. Louis and supper in Tulsa at a mall food court. Things went real well except for a lost wallet and leaving a waterbottle behind. Bob & Cricket report a glorrrrious day of weather after leaving Indiana. Wednesday's breakfast will be granola donated by the Bakehouse and bagels donated by Bloomington Bagel Company. Lunch and supper will be on the road with anticipated arrival in El Paso around 6-8pm. Safe travels for everyone.

...and now El Paso

The deCycles arrived in El Paso around 7pm on Wednesday after two long days on the road. The group went through Moore, OK to witness the massive tornado destruction 3-weeks ago. Now is the time for unloading bikes, luggage, and sleep gear which is a welcome activity after 24-hours packed in a shuttle van. Several riders and adults will be arriving later on Wednesday evening and Thursday. Tomorrow is shake-down day for the bikes and bodies. Predicted temps are 101-degrees but fortunately with cloud cover. We'll do most of our outside work in the morning and later in the evening. Everyone is itching to get on their bike. We are happy to be here.