deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: June 20
Day0: Thursday
Preparation: El Paso, TX

Distance:  28-miles.
Climate:  Hot, dry, high of 101-degrees.
Overnight:  St Pius X Catholic Church

Arrival last evening.  Morning shakedown ride covering 16-miles north of the city center of El Paso predominantly on Scenic Drive.  We climbed about 1200-feet on that ride.  Later, we had supper provided by the First Baptist Church of El Paso on Montana Street.  That was a 12-mile ride overlapping some of the route earlier in the day.  We had a pasta supper and sang a couple songs for a wonderful group of people who showed some authentic hospitality.  They are a blessing on our trip.  More meetings and figuring out how to run this smoothly often consumes the minds of the leaders of this journey.  So far so good.  Only injury so far was rookie Miles Jones picking up something under a table and bashing his head.  Small cut that will heal.  Tough kid, great personality.  Went to bed early to get up early and beat the Texas heat.