deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: June 21
Day1: Friday
Departure: El Paso, TX
Arrival: Las Cruces, NM

Distance:  58-miles.
Terrain:  Flat most of the way.
Climate:  Hot, dry, high of 101-degrees again.  Nice tailwinds.
Overnight:  Peace Lutheran Church of Las Cruces.

Early start at 7:30am.  Want to be in by noon to beat the heat.  Started the trip with a double file escort through downtown El Paso and the University of El Paso campus.  The deCycles split up in groups behind the pressbox of the UTEP Sun Bowl.  From that point the hills turned into flat terrain for the remainder of the day.  Conditions were great, but the temps kept rising.  There was one crash in the middle of the day involving 3-riders and resulting in a wrist sprain and a bruised butt.  There were also 4-5 flats.  Fortunately, all riders pedaled every inch of the way today.   Arriving at noon allowed more free time to go swimming, taking a nap, and chillin'.  The Freewheeler group made their first evening meal together with Cricket's help.  It was very acceptable.  Job teams are starting to get the hang of their responsibilities.  Early to bed by 9:30pm to again get up early in the morning to beat the New Mexico heat.  We have 22-more miles to do tomorrow than what we did today.