deCycles Mexico to Canada 2013
Journal Entry
Date: June 28
Day8: Friday
Departure: Taos, NM
Arrival: Alamosa, CO

Distance:  92-miles
Climate:  Overcast.  89-degrees.
Overnight:   First Presbyterian Church of Alamosa

Today is the first day the mileage was higher than the temperature.  It was a cool 89-degrees and we may be out of the hot stuff.  Sun was shaded by clouds all day.  The deCycles pedaled 13-miles until coming to a historical structure called the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, the 9th highest bridge in the U.S.  We would have loved to bungee jump with old bicycle inner tubes, but decided to pass on that.  After traversing the bridge, the cyclists pedaled uphill to 8500-ft by the first rest stop.  Then there was another uphill, and then a long 40-mile downhill to Alamosa, CO.  This is a flatter section of Colorado and the people here are amazing.  The church took a second Sunday collection and donated $300 to some young students who are certainly deserving.  We arrived at 2;30pm and are looking forward to some free time this evening.