deCycles Road Bike Guidelines

Bike type: Multispeed road bike (ten years old or less)

Rear cluster: 8-11 speed

Front chainrings: 2 or 3 chainring

Tire Size: 700 x 23-28C

Shifters: STI preferred. Downtube shifters acceptable

Handlebars: Drop handlebars. Upright handlebars not permitted

Seat: Ergonomic road bike seat

Helmet: Mandatory

Waterbottles: One or two in cages

Optional equipment:

Riding gloves

Rearview mirror


Clipless pedals

Seat pack or handlebar pack for spare tube, tools, etc.

Restricted equipment:

Camelback hydropaks


Rear-carrying rack

Mountain bikes/hybrid bikes with upright handlebars

650 wheels

Recommended new road bike models:

Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, Raleigh, Schwinn, GT road bikes.

Check with us if unsure about the correct model to purchase.

Special notes:

Go to a bike store and get measured for frame size.

Used road bikes can be easily found on eBay, IUSF website, Craigslist, and bike stores.

Low-end brand new road bikes can be purchased for approximately $700-800.

More expensive bikes are lighter, stronger, more efficient, and easier to repair.

Recommended Bloomington bike stores:

The owners of these bike stores have sponsored and supported the deCycles program since 1996. They have offered wonderful discounts and savings to deCycles riders. Please visit these stores for your cycling equipment, apparel, maintenance and repair.

Bicycle Doctor USA … 8551 Gardner Rd … Bloomington, IN 47403 … 812-825-5050 …

Bicycle Garage, Inc.507 E. Kirkwood … Bloomington, IN 47408 … 812-339-3457 …

Bikesmiths … 112 S. College Bloomington, IN 47404 … 812-339-9970 …

Revolution Bike & Bean 401 E. 10th Street … Bloomington, IN 47408 … 812-336-0241 …