deCycles New England 2023

deCycles New England 2023 Invitation June 15 - July 9

BLOOMINGTON TO NEW ENGLAND and Atlantic Coast. 30th annual summer bicycle trip sponsored by Bloomington-based deCycles
You are invited to a summer of FUN, ADVENTURE, THRILLS, FRIENDS, & FITNESS! Riding a bicycle from Bloomington, Indiana to New England & the Maine Atlantic coastline will be the coolest thing you ever do. Wow, what an achievement! The deCycles did this similar route in the past and was a very popular route. Forward this invitation to your friends & relatives. All they need is a bike, helmet, and a desire for a one-of-a-kind a adventure.

The deCycles will spend their first week cycling from Indiana through Ohio with rest day stops at Cedar Point Amusement Park, Columbus, Cleveland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. From there the cyclists will hug the southern shoreline of Lake Erie and it’s sandy beaches all the way to Buffalo and Niagara Falls, the largest waterfalls in the world. Beginning the second week, the deCycles will pedal to Rochester and tightly hug the southern shoreline of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River along the Canadian border. The final week will traverse the Adirondack Mountains and historical areas in upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The destination will be the Atlantic Coastlne in Maine and to the Acadia National Park gateway resort town of Bar Harbor. The group will then be ground transported for a 2-day road trip back to Bloomington for a victorious homecoming celebration. There is so much more. This trip is loaded with world class coastal & metropolitan scenery, great biking roads, and lots of off-bike fun.

By doing this route, veterans of last year’s deCycles 2022 Key West trip will complete a south to north transcontinental trip of the North American continent on a bicycle! WOW, that is amazing! Also by doing this year’s trip, veterans of deCycles 2020 will have pedaled the boundaries of all five magnificent Great Lakes of America.

The Details

Dates: June 15 - July 9

Transportation: All participants will be transported back to Bloomington by 15-passenger van which is included in the trip fee.

Requirements: Student riders age 13-22. Beginners welcome. All levels of cycling ability are welcome. Don’t worry if you are 13-14. Hundreds of early teen riders have successfully completed deCycles trips in 29-years. Any young deCycles veteran knows you can do it.

Adult riders: Any age. The oldest rider in deCycles history has been 80.

Equipment: Late model multi-speed road bike, helmet, 2-waterbottles, cycling apparel. We can help you find a bike if you don’t have one. See other pages on this website for equipment requirements.

Training: Upon acceptance of your registration, you will be notified of training requirements. Minimum 500-miles training starting in April.

Cost: Less than $15/day including meals, overnight accommodations, luggage transfer, a riding jersey, ground travel back to Bloomington from New England, light mechanical & repairs, and road support. The deCycles trip fee is almost a giveaway. There is no other summer camp or trip cheaper than this anywhere in the world. For example, Backroads Vacation bicycle trips are usually $700-800/day. deCycles is absolutely your best value in adventure travel and is an experience of a lifetime.

Scholarship promotion: A $100 student-discount scholarship will be offered for the first 15 full time students age 13-22 who register.

Optional Excursions: Cedar Point Park, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The cost of any optional excursions is the rider’s responsibility. The deCycles will hold fundraising events and car washes for riders to earn money to pay for these excursions.


To register, please contact: 812-824-4567

Bike Trip Fee

$350: For the first 15-student riders age 13-22 to register.

- OR -

$450: One full payment with registration before April 15, 2023.

- OR -

$550: One full payment with registration after April 15, 2023.

$200: Add to above fee if you are not a full time student or if your age is 23 and over.

-- No trip fee or ground transportation costs for adult support van drivers --